Over the 2019 Halloween weekend, The Stonecutters celebrated there 2nd Birthday of Hair & Space!

We had the opportunity to partner with the lifestyle-based Hair & Space organisation providing Premium Coffee to the beloved crowd, with many entrepreneurs and small business owners coming down to share their journey through a day of music, laughter & joy.

Re-engineering the Hair & Space experience, Estate 88 premium coffee served as a natural fit for the Stonecutters brand, with many of the locals commenting on how delicious the coffee was & how artsy and warm the Baristas were!

The collaboration took place in their flagship Western Sydney innovative area and allowed customers to enjoy Estate 88 premium coffee whilst entertained by a spectacular performance from Founder of Sydney Barista Training who conducted a masterclass demonstration on latte art.

This value-based experience assisted in drawing people into the space and provided an entertaining show for the community to post and share on their social media accounts.


This is not the last you’ll see of Estate 88 X Stonecutters…