We source our beans directly from the most delicately cultured coffee estates, affording us the ability to provide our retail and café partners, directly sourced beans at wholesale prices. Prior to sourcing, we ensure our farmers follow a specialised methodology. Our quality assurance team ensures that each of our green beans are inspected thoroughly and according to the highest quality standards.


Consistency is key. Quality assurance measures are conducted throughout every step of the way. This includes prior to importing the beans and after, plus during the roasting process and after. Procedural steps such as visual inspection, cupping, colour inspection, moisture content , grind and taste are all factors which ensures that quality and consistency is met.


Experience the touch and knowledge of our master trainer. This training course can be conducted at your cafe or our training facility. The journey includes the following:

  • Introduction to Estate 88 blends and single o’s
  • Dose recipe’s
  • Grind setting
  • Tampering
  • Yield
  • Milk techniques

Industry leading equipment

We offer quality espresso machines to ensure consumers enjoy premium coffee

Trial Estate 88

Allow your customers to experience magnetising flavour by trialling our products at a subsidised cost.

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