About us


Estate 88 is a young, vibrant, thriving company that was built upon a passion for coffee.

When you combine our love for coffee with our advanced roasting facility and experienced roasters, you receive an output that can be defined by one word; premium.

Sourcing only 100% Arabica Beans, Estate 88 is committed to delivering high quality coffee directly to the market.


The aroma of our coffee has been known for hundreds of years.

It all started from the romantic lands of France when a French priest brought a coffee sprout into South East Asia.

This small sprout rooted itself deep into the South East Asia culture, and this century old coffee tree still stands tucked away in a mysterious and peaceful village.

The unique geography from where our coffee is sourced comes high above sea level and the differences between the temperature during the night and day creates the original character which can be described as “A fruity fragrance, rich but not bitter, and aromatic but not overwhelming”, reflecting the beauty of the source.

Our total coffee growing area is 89,333 hectares, with a total production capability of 82,000 tons.


Quality is at the heart of the journey for each and every bean. To provide a consistently exceptional experience, our beans are freshly roasted in Sydney, Australia by a team of dedicated professionals who possess over thirty years of experience.


Sharing over 20 years of experience, our promise to you is quality and consistency. Our number one priority is to produce a coffee that embodies exceptional flavour and character; a coffee that will satisfy you.


We source our beans directly from the most delicately cultured coffee estates across the world. Prior to sourcing the beans we ensure that our farmers follow the most professional processing methods. With the assistance of our quality assurance and roasting team we ensure that the green beans are inspected thoroughly to meet our stern quality standards.


Quality assurance is important to us, so measures are carried out before and after the roasting process to ensure we deliver high grade coffee beans. The constant analysis and judgement of variables including aesthetics of the bean, colour, moisture content, grind and taste are all variables that equate to our stern quality standards.


To preserve and maintain the freshness of our coffee beans, they are packed using state of the art equipment shortly after being roasted. By utilising vacuum sealed packaging, one way degassing valves, world leading vertical form fill seal machines and nitrogen each coffee bean remains fresh until consumed.