This Barista training course is designed to test key core and more advanced skills and understanding, expected from a competent Barista. Successful candidates will be able to dial in a brew recipe, make a full range of drinks with quality and speed, as well as understand the basic requirements for customer service and maintenance. We have divided the course into two parts as follow:

  1. Espresso Evaluation & Testing Assessment
  2. Calibrating & Knowing Your Machines

What you will learn:

  1. How coffee origin and processing impacts flavour
  2. How to manage various grinders and dosing techniques
  3. How to use Espresso Brew Formulas to produce consistent extractions
  4. Maximising sweetness, and optimising body in your extractions
  5. How milk composition affects foam and taste
  6. How to efficiently manage complex beverage orders at a high standard
  7. Hygiene, health, and safety in the workplace
  8. How to provide quality customer service
  9. Equipment maintenance & troubleshooting
  10. Profit margins, stock control, and waste minimisation

Espresso Evaluation & Testing Assessment

In this course, baristas can hope to expand their comprehension of how to dial in coffee espressos make
target appraisal in arrangement with ABS coffee dial in and tasting systems.


Calibrating & Knowing Your Machines

The second part of the course focuses on calibrating and familiarising participants with the machine s use. By doing so, it allows baristas to effectively understand
the coffee and equipment. This include setting up the Espresso Machine and tuning the Dial-In process to consistently create coffee that tastes amazing.

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  • February 28, 2020
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm