Foundation 1 is our most basic level of training. It is de signed to introduce new baristas to the ar t of making coffee, but also for experienced baristas to understand the way that we do things at Estate88.

Foundation Course Outline:

  1. Bar setup, service and pack down
  2. Fundamentals of Espresso

Bar Setup, Service and Pack Down

Estate 88 wants to ensure that all participants have a depth of knowledge in different types of high-end coffee machines, running a clean shop to promote a pleasant and stress-free work environment in order to provide customers better experience whilst preventing any contamination of the product.

During this foundation course we will teach you to ensure the following areas are kept clean at all times:

  1. Grinder, scales and tamping station
  2. Espresso machine, group handles and group heads
  3. Steam wand, milk jugs and pouring station

In addition, this course will also show participants the process of packing down the bar which includes show to shut down the espresso machine, the grinder, Puqpress.

Fundamentals of Espresso

For this part of the course, Estate 88 will introduce participants to:

  1. Estate 88’s espresso recipe and explain the cause and effect of dose, ex-traction time and weight
  2. The principle s of coffee grinding and how it affects extraction.
  3. The correct dosing procedure including settling, distribution and correct weighing practices, while also identifying incorrect distribution and how it affects extraction

During this foundation course, participants will be able to also identify correct tamping technique, using both a tamp and Puqpress. As well as, understand and identify the hallmarks of correct and incorrect extraction.

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  • March 3, 2020
    12:00 am - 12:00 am