Coffee Export - Available To Only 0.7% Of Global Marketplace

With over 500 billion cups of coffee consumed per year, it’s tough to challenge coffee as the second most sought-out commodity in the world. According to Business Insider, the $100 billion world-wide industry is behind only crude oil. This surpasses commodities like gold, natural gas, sugar and corn.

The market for exporting coffee is worth circa $20 billion, with a rare 1.2% of premium coffee coming from Estate 88 farms. The Australian market for coffee has a revenue in excess of $9.9 billion, with an annual growth rate of around 2.5% creating over 140,000 jobs.

Through recent data from “mccrindle”, coffee is crucial for 1 in 4 Australians (27%), indicating that they cannot survive the day without it and 9 in 10 Australians (88%) specifying they enjoy it to some extent. A trend towards premium coffee has been reflected in recent studies with more Australians being selective and having the luxury of choice in taste & flavour.

In conclusion, the coffee market is experiencing sustainable growth in economies across the globe and expected to inflate over the next 5 years. We invite you to share the journey with us through the Estate 88 lifestyle.

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